Smarter patient analytics and medical monitoring

  • AI-assisted diagnosis and prescription.
  • Remote follow-up of chronic conditions through wearable technology.
  • Treatment outcome assessment.
  • Population health indicators powered by Big Data analytics.
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How it Works

Create a patient profile

Patients can create their health profile for free or authorize doctors to do it for them. Diagnosed health conditions, drug prescriptions, and treatment evolution are attached to this profile for each medical consultation, under patient consent. ZeusCare implements standard protocols to consume health data from third-party apps to provide a unified health record.

We take information privacy very seriously, so every access to their health data is granted by the patient. We empower patients to take an active role in their healthcare decisions.

Prescribe assisted by AI

As a doctor, diagnose and prescribe aided by an AI assistant that suggests suitable treatment options in line with the most updated medical guidelines. Receive warnings regarding drug interaction, dosing, and adequacy for patient profile (e.g. age, allergies, pregnancy, chronic conditions, and other health related attributes).

Send prescriptions to the patient's preferred pharmacy and provide guidance about the medicine intake.

ZeusCare enables pharmacists to dispense medicine via mobile device as well.

Follow patient evolution

Obtain frequent feedback from patients regarding their health status and monitor treatment compliance and results.

ZeusCare integrates with healthcare apps and wearables to provide remote measurement of vital signs and health indicators (e.g. pulse rate, glucose levels, oxygenation index, blood pressure).

Alerts can be configured on specific thresholds or conditions for the doctor to take action by themself or issue a specialist referral.

Make informed decisions

ZeusCare sumarizes and processes a massive amount of health data to provide indicators and projections about prescription drug consumption, chronic diseases evolution, and treatment eficacy among others.

Applying Data Science techniques we're able to provide valuable insights to the healthcare ecosystem.

We help doctors, health offices, insurers, and pharmaceutical companies to take better decisions to improve the QOL of their communities.


IA-assisted treatment

Suggests recommended treatments according to patient health profile and current clinical protocols.

Smart e-prescribing

Avoids medication errors and drugs incompatibilities.

Health data analytics

Provides valuable indicators for doctors, insurance companies, pharmaceutical industry and government health agencies.

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Patient follow-up

Simplifies regular follow-ups and reduces risks for chronic conditions that require long-term treatment.

Remote monitoring

Provides remote measurement of health status indicators through wearables and mobile devices.

Agile prescription filling

Allows dispensation by scanning drug ID codes (data matrix) from a mobile phone. Provides guidelines for medicine intake.

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Zeuscare reports

Online Data Analysis

ZeusCare provides a wide variety of reports and dashboards on these topics:

  • Drug intake indicators by region, health condition, and population group.
  • Prescriptions analysis per product, region, healthcare insurance provider, pharmaceutical manufacturer, among other criteria.
  • Chronic diseases evolution.
  • Treatment outcome by drug, including most frequent adverse effects.
  • Trends on high cost drug prescription and its effectiveness.
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Enhanced HealthCare

  • Minimizes prescription and drug dispensation errors.
  • Simplifies regular medical check-ups and keeps chronic health conditions adequately controlled.
  • Improves treatment follow-up, increasing the chances of a successful outcome.
  • Provides a substantially better experience for doctors, patients, and pharmacists.

Informed Decisions

  • Provides the ability to adjust treatments on the fly thanks to remote monitoring of health conditions.
  • Assists medical decisions based on the most updated guidelines.
  • Keeps doctors, patients, and pharmacists informed about healthcare innovations and recommendations.
  • Provides valuable insights on population health indicators for government offices, the pharma industry, and insurance companies.

Lower Costs

  • Provides immediate online visibility regarding expenditure on prescription drugs and medical care.
  • Reduces logistics for follow-up appointments, enabling remote treatment.
  • Optimizes specialist referral workflow, prioritizing those patients who really need it.
  • Decreases medical hospitalization services costs due to a better patient follow-up.

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